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Unlocking The Secrets of Flawless Gel Nail Extensions

Over the years, the definition of beauty standards has changed. Earlier, it only meant styling yourself and looking good, but today, it is an expression of empowerment and embracing oneself. Besides makeup and hair styling, there exists a simpler and more beautiful way to the new beauty standard that gives you colorful nails and lets you speak your heart through them.

Gel nail extensions have become popular amongst women in recent years. This safe process of beautifying nails with both quirky and sophisticated designs has caught everyone’s eye.

But have you ever wondered what exactly this process is that everyone wants to try at least once? Below is a detailed guide that tells everything about gel nail extensions.

What is Gel Nail Extension and its Process?

As the name suggests, gel nail extension is the process of extending or increasing nail length with gel. This process was introduced in 1985 in the USA as a medical practice where a gel nail was used for patients with disfigured nails or abnormalities like trachyonychia. As time went by, these gel nails were used by guitarists to play guitars and then finally in salons as a beauty practice.

Gel nail extension, which is loved by all, is usually a 1–2-hour process. The first step is to prepare the nail by trimming, filing and pushing the dead cuticles back. In this process, your nails must be dry. Once the nail area is ready, a nail tip can be applied.

The benefit here is that you can decide the shape and length of the nail tip, which acts as a mold for the gel nail. Make sure you refine the tip before the application of the gel nail.

Apply primer and bonder on the base and then the gel. Ensure that you work your way down to the edges of the nail for a more precise finish. Let your nail dry under the UV/LED lamp after the gel application.

Once your nail dries, apply your favorite gel nail polish to give your nails a manicured and shiny look.

Types of Nail Extension

Besides gel nail extensions, there are other nail extensions that contribute to making your nails look more beautiful.

  • Acrylic Nail Extension: The most common type of nail extension is acrylic. Unlike gel extension, acrylic extension uses a thick paste, which is applied on the nail and is left to dry. These extensions are hard in nature which also makes them durable.
  • Fiberglass Nail Extension: This nail extension uses fiberglass as a nail extension. Due to this material, the nail looks natural and shiny. This unique process is also lightweight to carry and easy to manage.
  • Silk Nail Extension: Silk extensions are almost similar to fiberglass nail extensions. These are applied to the nails using an adhesive or resin. Since this extension uses silk in its application, it is lightweight on the nail.

Benefits of Gel Nail Extension

What makes gel nail extensions popular and a top choice for women is their benefits. Here are a few pros listed of gel extension:

  • Versatile: Since gel nail extension uses gel on the nail, it is easy to experiment with various nail shapes and customize your desired designs. Moreover, gel nail extensions are available in a wide variety of colors, giving you a palette to choose from.
  • Long-lasting: Gel nail extensions last longer than any other nail extension due to their flexibility. It is its strength which makes it durable.
  • Easier to Remove: Unlike other nail extensions, gel nail extensions can be removed easily by soaking nails in acetone. This easy process can also be tried at home where you can remove the extension with an acetone-soaked cotton ball.

How to Maintain Your Gel Extensions

The real struggle starts after getting a nail extension. Once you have come home after your salon appointment, remember to take care of your nails gently. You can also take this opportunity to be a real-life princess away from all the work. It is advised not to lift anything heavy with your nails or even write for some days as it will put pressure on your nails.

It is crucial to avoid acetone, a nail extension remover, as it can make your gel extensions come off. Furthermore, if you want to remove the nail paint and apply a new one, ensure that you use an acetone-free nail paint remover.

To increase the longevity of your nail extensions, visit salons every 2-3 weeks to refine your nails and make them look new. You can also use cuticle oils that nourish your nails and make them stronger.


Gel nail extensions are a beautiful expression of oneself as nail art. These colorful extensions are durable, customizable and easy to remove.

Remember to use a nail care routine to take care of your gel nail extensions. Now that you are fully prepared with the knowledge about gel nail extensions, go to the salon, choose your favorite color and get a nail extension! There’s no better reason to be treated like a princess for days after you get your colorful long nails.




Jeff Campbell