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5 Best Ways For New Dads To Relax

Being a new dad is wonderful.

You’ll be eager to keep as much pressure off your other half as possible. However, changing nappies, feeding, bathing, sleep deprivation and trying to figure out why your newborn isn’t happy can all be stressful. It’s important that you and your other half both get some downtime during this period.

Even if you only get a couple of hours to yourself, it can make a huge difference and be crucial in keeping your stress levels and mental health in a manageable state.

As well as the physical demands a baby places on you, you’ll also start to worry more about things such as your financial situation or the state of the world – things that would not necessarily have worried you too much before suddenly become major worries, and this is only compounded by the fact you’re probably tired and stressed.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your downtime and recharge your batteries, even when your time is limited.

Get A Massage

There’s a good chance that when you do get some time to yourself, it’s going to be fairly limited.

If you and your other half both designate a couple of hours where you’ll give the other one a break you can plan something in advance, such as booking a massage.

Stress builds up in our muscles, especially our shoulders and necks, and a massage can help to release all the tension you’re carrying around with you.

As well as generally making you a more pleasant person to be around, having a massage can release all sorts of pressure, greatly reducing the risk of ill-health or injury.

However, don’t be surprised if you fall asleep on the table.

If you’re in Canada, consider Massage Therapy Scarborough for all your massage needs.

Punch It Out

Going to the gym can also act as a great release. You can load up the weights bench and run yourself ragged on the treadmill. It’s good for helping to release stress and provides your tired brain with a much-needed shot of endorphins.

If you can schedule one or two gym visits a week it will go a long way to helping you to remain level and capable during this period.

Play Games

Playtime isn’t only for children but also adults, especially dads. Be it sports or games played with family and friends, playing can help boost your immunity, enhance your physical endurance, and even improve your psychological health.

Playing can help you divert your stress and negative emotions into more productive and meaningful activities. You can easily find a game suitable for improving your physical and mental well-being. 

Even if you’re on babysitting duty, it doesn’t have to be stressful.

One of the best, relaxing playtime activities is playing with your children in the backyard, such as jumping on the trampoline, tagging, or running. You can also play indoors if the weather is too cold outside.

Playing games with the kids can help you to relax while keeping the kids entertained. If you’re enjoying some me-time instead, games can be a great way to disconnect and give yourself a rest. Select games that you can pick up easily and leave fairly quickly, as having to forfeit a game before you’re ready can increase your frustration.

Stick to simple apps or short games, such as online casino games. There are deals that give you free money, spins, and bonuses for signing up.

Oddschecker provides a comprehensive list of all the current deals from major online casinos if you like to play card games or roulette for fun. Even if you don’t intend to wager, these platforms can help take your mind off things.

Aside from physical games, there are also ones that can help boost your mental health and provide utmost relaxation. Office work can cause burnout. Hence, you need to try new activities that exercise your mind at the same time. Playing memory games can help improve your working memory. Some examples include board games and puzzles.

Watch A Movie

This is another activity that can be good with or without the kids.

Whether it’s after bedtime with your partner or when you have a couple of hours to yourself, watching a film you’ve been looking forward to can be a great way to disconnect from your day and get lost in the action. Select some films to have on standby for when the mood takes you.

Or, if you have Netflix, add to your list the titles you want to watch ahead of time. This way you won’t waste time searching for something to watch when you get some free time.

Try watching a movie with your young children to offset burnout. It promotes bonding, allowing you to teach them good values based on the movie’s lessons. You can make it more fun by making popcorn or serving any healthy snacks. Your children won’t forget the lessons and will remember this wonderful bonding activity for the rest of their lives.

Read A Book

Sometimes we want to give our senses a rest and just enjoy the peace and quiet. Reading is a great option.

You can get yourself comfortable with a hot drink and hook yourself up with a good book. Have a couple of light reads you want to read on standby, so you always have an option if you get a free 30 minutes and want to relax a little.

Whatever you do to relax, it’s important to do it consciously.

Acknowledge the fact you’re enjoying some relaxation time to yourself. This will help you be present and increase the benefit of the downtime. Try to also be considerate to your partner, ensuring they get plenty of regular opportunities to recharge their batteries too.

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