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The New Glasses Checklist (things to consider)

 When the time comes to buy new eyeglasses, you may go from thinking that the choice will be simple to thinking that the choices are overwhelming in a matter of moments. That’s why it’s important to have a checklist, of sorts so that you know you’ve paid attention to some of the major considerations. For a great place to start, check out the range of options over at

Otherwise, let’s get started on what you should be thinking about when searching for your new glasses.

Face shape & glasses style

Face shape plays a huge role in which style of frames – and which size of lens in terms of width and height – will suit you.

First, a quick note on the size of lens, because this is often overlooked. If you choose oversized frames, the lens size will have to increase to fill the frames. The issue is that this means your pupil will no longer be placed in the centre of the lens – this is the sweet spot for focus.

Also, if the lens extends above the brow line, the eyebrows will be ‘in frame’ and may be magnified by the lens, which is not always a desirable look.

In terms of glasses style, it all comes down to balance.

Without going into the ever more finely separated types of face shape, there is one thing to remember: your face will either have softer contours or sharper features. That’s the main difference. Softer or stronger features. With softer features, you need a more prominent square or rectangular frame to add some definition.

With stronger brow lines and jawlines, stick to curved frames to help blend your features.

Consider your skin tone

Most of the time, as adults, we tend to choose neutral colors for our glasses frames (e.g. black, grey, brown) because these colors are easy to match with our clothes.

However, if you’re tempted towards choosing frames in blue or orange or red, for example, it’s worth considering your skin tone so that you can match or contrast the shade of these colors as desired.

The warmer or cooler the skin tone, the more the warmer or cooler shades of your frames will blend in or stand out – the choice is yours.

Lifestyle considerations

Lifestyle considerations come down to realizing just how much of your day requires the use of your glasses. Whether you lead a sedentary or active lifestyle, the thing to realize is that time spent wearing your glasses should inform your decision on the weight of your frames.

Thicker frames may suit your style, but if you plan on wearing them all day, you may wish to switch to light frames to avoid the red marks and pain on the bridge of your nose and on your ears.

This is why you may wish to invest in more than one pair of frames – one to show your personality and one lightweight pair of frames for everyday commuting and office use.

Jeff Campbell