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Burst Pipes Needn’t Burst Your Bank Account With These Simple DIY Pointers

Burst pipes are one of those things most homeowners panic about. We convince ourselves that only a professional could ever hope to tackle an issue so serious. As such, many of us don’t even think about tackling the problem ourselves.  When it comes down to it, though, repairing a burst pipe isn’t as complicated as you might think.

For some reason, we simply seem set against taking care of anything where plumbing or electricity is concerned.

But, repairing your burst pipes is both easy and possible. In fact, if you keep reading, you may be astounded to hear how straightforward this can be. Luckily, fixing PVC pipes is super easy.

Stop the flow

As soon as you notice that a pipe is losing water, you need to address the flow.

A small leak needn’t be a massive issue for your home, but a constant flow of water can do a lot more damage. To avoid this, turn off your water supply at the source. This will both stop the leak and buy your repair time.

Diagnose the problem area

Whole house plumbing is definitely best left to professionals, but most burst pipes are small problem areas. By finding this area, you should be able to focus on a small piece of piping, that’s entirely manageable.

Lucky for you, the spurting water is a pretty significant giveaway of where you should look. Bear in mind that the burst pipe may not be directly above the leaking water, so be sure to check the entire length of piping to make sure you’ve found the problem.

When you do come across it, the split should be easy enough to see.

Do a straight replacement

We know what you’re thinking; repairing a burst pipe can’t be as simple as replacing the damaged area, can it?

In reality, though, that’s precisely what a plumber would do, and it’s an easy enough issue to take care of yourself. All you need is a small pipe cutter or even a hacksaw to remove the damaged area. Using a simple section of slip-on coupling and some nuts on either end should then see your pipe (near enough) in one piece again.

If you want to keep this even more straightforward, there is such a thing as a push-fit repair piece which is ready to go for pipe repairs of any size. All you need to do is keep one handy just in case.

Take preventative measures

Once your pipe situation is solved, you must focus your DIY prowess on preventing a repeat issue. Note that most burst pipes occur due to frozen water, so a self-fitted pipe heating system like those found on this website here may well be your best bet.

Equally, you should take some time to make sure you’re always insulating areas that contain water piping to keep cold at bay.

Burst pipes aren’t ideal, but, as you can see here, they might not be the disaster you believe. All it takes is a little basic know-how and some simple pipe supplies.

Jeff Campbell