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6 Quartz Countertops That Look Like Marble

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As of 2018, the global countertop market was valued at $ 86.5 billion. Quartz Worktops are an integral part of home décor. Every year, millions of homeowners and interior designers invest a lot of time and effort in choosing a countertop color and design suitable for their décor ideas.

Improvements in the technology used in the construction industry over the years have resulted in an increase of countertop materials available in the market. This, in turn, has facilitated the growth of the sector, which is expected to be worth $ 110 billion by 2026.

The countertop materials used today vary in features, quality, durability, and price. Where cost is not an issue, most homeowners opt for natural stone countertops. However, in recent years, quartz, a relatively new entrant in the countertop industry, has become very popular.

Though quartz resembles natural stone, it is an engineered material. However, unlike natural stone, white quartz countertops that look like marble do not require a lot of maintenance

When it comes to white countertops, quartzite and marble have been the main options. Whereas quartz manufacturers were able to mimic granite and other stones, doing the same for marble has been a challenge.

However, now that there are quartz countertops that look like marble, quartz has become a viable option in the white countertops niche. Read on to find out about the marble quartz countertops available in the market. 

  • Brittanicca by Cambria

Based in Minnesota, Cambria is the only US company that manufactures quartz. Among their collection, which has over 80 different colors and designs, are white quartz countertops that look like marble. 

In their collection of marble-like quartz countertops, there are over 30 designs. However, their latest model, the Brittanicca, is the one that stands out in this collection. It’s a majestic white stone with grey vein patterns that mimic marble. 

There are three versions of the Brittanicca. These are the standard, warm, and gold hues.

  • The Calacatta Nuvo by Caesarstone

When it comes to marble look quartz countertops, there’s no better manufacturer than Caesarstone. The Israel based company, which began its interest in the quartz industry in 1987, has two plants in Israel and one in Georgia.

Caesarstone, who are the self-branded original quartz surface manufacturers, is renowned for using 90% natural mineral quartz when manufacturing their stones. As a result, their products are rich in color and have a far greater resemblance to marble than products from other manufacturers.

Caesarstone’s Calacatta Nuvo is the benchmark when it comes to marble-like quartz countertops. Its like for like resemblance to marble plus the added man-made features and beauty make it a transformative addition to any room. It is perfect for countertops, islands, backsplashes, and floors.

  • Lagoon by Silestone

Based in Coral Gables, Florida, Silestone is a quartz company known for using 90% natural quartz in their manufacturing process. They have several marble look quartz countertops that come in different textures and hues of white. 

In their collection of white quartz countertops that look like marble, their most notable designs are the Lyra and Lagoon. The Lyra is a crisp white engineered stone with bluish-grey that resembles Carrera marble. 

With the Lagoon, you’ll get an exquisite and inviting countertop with subtle grey veins giving it a natural look. The Lagoon is versatile and can be used in bathrooms or kitchens and on countertops, islands, and backsplashes.

  • Calacutta Grey Marble Quartz Countertops by Quartz Master

Another great mention in the quartz countertops that look like marble is the Calacutta Grey by Quartz Master. Calacutta Grey countertops have subtle yet alluring colors that captivate viewers.    

These marble look quartz countertops are rich in color and easily mistakable for natural stone.

  • HanStone’s Tranquility

If you’re looking for quartz countertops that look like marble for a bright kitchen design with contrast, try Tranquility from Handstone. This quartz design has character and pairs well with darker shade cabinets and floors. 

  • MSI-Carrara Grigio

Marble-like quartz countertops are usually known for their striking bright white color. However, you may want a marble-like countertop that’s a bit subtle. If that’s the case, there’s no better option than the Carrara Grigio from MSI.

The Carrara Grigio has a subtle white color, often referred to as Halcyon White, that’s warm and inviting. You can use this quarts version in your bathroom or kitchen and even on walls. 

Choosing the Perfect Countertop for Your Design

Though countertops play a key role in interior décor, they must be a part of the whole design. Therefore, when choosing marble quartz countertops, you should first determine what type of quartz design is suitable to help you bring your décor ideas to life. 

With this approach, you will be sure to choose a quartz countertop that will make your kitchen look even more stunning.

Jeff Campbell