Seven Things to Avoid in an Online Casino

Casinos can be a great place to have fun and let off steam after a long day. If you’ve ever been to a physical casino, you understand just how much thrill comes with winning big or the emotions you feel when you lose. Betting in online casinos is no different just because you do it online. They are better at providing more privacy so you can celebrate to your fullest when you win a bet and not feel so embarrassed when you lose your money.

Like physical casinos, online casinos also have some Dos and Don’ts you must follow for a worthwhile experience. But believe it or not, you can play video poker online for real money in UAE.

Here are seven things that should not be done while betting in an online casino. You can read more about best online casinos.

 Missing a Good Strategy

Lack of a good strategy can set you up as a ‘table’s fish’ in live online casino dealings. If you’re playing against people, you need a good understanding of the basics that will enable you to develop good gameplay. While an intelligent strategy won’t necessarily assure you of straight wins each time, it will avert your chances of losing and allow you to think clearly while making decisions concerning your bets. You will get feedback on the moves you make and learn even more about the game.

Using Fake Credentials

While keeping your anonymity might be a bonus for using fake credentials when signing up for online casinos, it can easily backfire on you as well. Both online and physical casinos require players to sign up with their actual details to encourage transparency. To back this up, you need additional documents to prove your identity. In cases where people use fake credentials to sign in, providing the necessary documents might prove difficult. If the casino detects you’re hiding your identity, they will suspend or permanently delete your account. Then you’ll lose any winnings you may have accumulated.

Disregarding Terms and Conditions

This is a common habit, not just in casino betting but also when signing up for different online services. Most people navigate to the button of accepting all terms and conditions without perusing what they’re signing up for. When playing in an online casino, this is a wrong move, especially if you want to cash in on bonuses. Go through the terms and conditions to get a glimpse of the most important bits, for example, the play-through requirements. This will inform you of what actions you need to take before claiming your bonus or even which games qualify for rewards. Note down how many times you need to place your bet to be eligible to withdraw. Remember, casinos usually have their own best interests at heart when drafting these conditions, so to avoid being on the losing end, ensure you flip through them

Going for High Risks

This is a beginner move that usually results in enormous losses when gambling. Just like going in without a strategy, placing all your bets on high risks is bound to end up in significant losses. There’s nothing wrong with exploring higher chances, but ensure you have made enough winnings to cushion any losses you might suffer. When starting, settle for minor risks with higher winning potentials and build up your winnings before placing your money on higher stakes. Remember, the chances of losing are just as high as those of winning.

Not Knowing When to Quit

Most of the time, players forget that gambling relies on pure luck. Do not fall for this gambler’s fallacy, believing that since you’ve already experienced a string of losses, you’re entitled to at least a win in the next round. With this ideology in mind, you will keep playing even past your limit and end up losing everything. Winning or losing is all part of the game, and you shouldn’t expect to win just because you’ve already lost severally. If you’re experiencing bad luck while playing, it’s a good idea to stop the runs and log out to take a break.

Betting in Unlicensed Casino

The downsides of playing at an illegal casino may be obvious, but most people don’t know how to distinguish between a licensed and an unlicensed online casino. Licensed casinos usually provide you with proof that they are registered and approved by the state to operate. Credible providers even set some age restrictions to ensure they’re operating within legal limits. On the other hand, unlicensed casinos usually have ulterior motives. Watch out for your money and identity. Do your research well before risking your money on a site you aren’t too sure about.

Having High Expectations

As mentioned earlier, casinos have an equal win-to-loss ratio; therefore, you should not set your expectations too high. Unrealistic expectations will set you up for losses since you will constantly feel entitled to win back your money after losing. Just as you expect to win while playing at an online casino, you should also expect to lose a few times as well.


Gambling at online casinos is a fun way to pump up your adrenaline when you have free time and money to spare. However, it can quickly become an addiction if you don’t control it properly. Know when to quit after playing. The rule of thumb is to slow down after a run of losses or after several wins to avoid distorting your luck. If you are a novice, avoid rushing into depositing real money into your account. Instead, take time to learn the game in the demo mode first before gambling with real money.


Jeff Campbell