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10 Ways to Get Quick Cash When You’re Short on Rent

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When you’re uncertain about making rent, the stress of the situation can drive you up the wall. Especially if you’re living with a family, knowing that you will keep a roof over their heads is of utmost importance. When you’re finding yourself short on rent, knowing how to find the extra cash you need can be incredibly useful. To assist you, here are ten ways that you can make quick cash consistently:

1. Donate Plasma, Blood, or Eggs

One of the traditional ways to make quick cash is to donate blood, plasma, or eggs. Each of them can get you a decent amount of money, especially if you’re available to donate eggs. However, this process is not always easy to do on short notice, so make sure to sign up as a donor ASAP.

2. Contact a Local Rent Assistance Program

When you’re raising a family, it can be difficult to consistently make rent. Thankfully, many helpful rental assistance programs in Houston are here to help. Find one that you qualify for, and they will help you and your family keep your roof over your head (for free)!

3. Consult a Creditor

Depending on your credit score, there are loan options available. Creditors can get you the best loan available if you contact them directly. Just make sure to leave this as a last option, as getting loans too frequently can create a financial crisis in your life that can be difficult to get out of.

4. Sell Books

If you have tons of books and are an avid reader, it can be painful to let go of books. However, in tight spots, selling books can help you get incredibly quick cash. To help ease your mind, just remember that selling your book will allow someone else to enjoy your favorite stories sometime down the line.

5. Start Ride Sharing

Working for a ride-share company, or a food delivery app is perhaps the most lucrative way to make quick cash in today’s economy. The fact that you can sign up for these apps, and get working, within 48 hours in most cases, makes it an especially great option. You can make upwards of $20 an hour in some cases, which will prove incredibly helpful.

6. Consider Remote Work

Depending on your skill set, there are tons of remote jobs that you could take on to make extra money. As fewer people are working in an office setting, the amount of remote work that exists has skyrocketed. While this will not always work for getting quick cash, there are remote job options that will pay out weekly (or even daily in some cases).

7. Do a Yard Sale

To have fun and free up space in your home while making fast cash, few options are as attractive as having a yard sale. If you live in a busy neighborhood, you can easily set up a few tables on your lawn, and get to selling old materials quickly. Thankfully, this also allows you to name your price (giving you higher earning potential than you’d likely have when you sell stuff to second-hand shops). 

8. Look for Free Meals in Your Area

One of the biggest expenses we deal with every day is food. By looking into programs in your area that offer free meals, you can save on these expenses, and keep your bank account heavy enough to pay your rent with ease. Just make sure you let the programs know how many people they are feeding, so they will be fully prepared to help you and your family out.

9. Sell Old Clothing

Similar to books, letting go of old clothing can be difficult. However, clothes that you no longer like, fit in, or need can be sold for quick cash. Especially if you have great style, thrift stores may give you quite a bit of money for your old clothing.

10. Test Websites and Apps

Lastly, there are plenty of websites and apps that need testers. While this can be frustrating for some people, it is a surefire way to make some quick cash. Just make sure you ensure you’re getting paid enough to make the testing worth your time and effort before signing up.

Making Quick Cash is Easier than Ever


Whether you’re looking for rental assistance or quick ways to make cash to pad your bank account, our economy is better set up for your needs than ever before. Since so much work is now remote, and more apps are out there to help you make cash faster than ever, you can rest assured that you’ll find a way to make your rent this upcoming month. 

Jeff Campbell