Which Disney Park is Biggest?

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My family LOVES all things Disney! We love the movies, the characters, and especially the parks!

I’ve only been the parks in the US, but it’s our dream to take our girls to the one in Paris. But I’ve always been fascinated by the size of the parks and why some have rides the others don’t have.

Specifically, I’ve wondered which Disney park is biggest. So I decided to investigate.

Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida is BY FAR the biggest of any Disney Park. It comes in at a whopping 25,000 acres and of course, with the addition of Toy Story Land and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (commonly known as Star Wars Land), it’s continuing to grow. By comparison, most other Disney parks are in the hundreds of acres with Paris coming in at #2 with almost 5000 acres.

But there’s a lot more to the story of Disney parks and size than that, so let’s keep going.

Where are all the Disney parks located?

Of course, Walt Disney started with Disneyland in Anaheim California, which opened on July 17, 1955.

But while that was the only park Walt got to see open to the public, they’ve gone on to create 5 other main parks, most of which typically has 2 or more parks within them.

The main Disney parks are:

  • Walt Disney World Resort (Orlando, FL) – Contains the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom)
  • Disneyland Resort (Anaheim, CA) – Contains Disneyland and California Adventure
  • Disneyland Resort Paris – Contains Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios Park
  • Tokyo Disney Resort – Contains Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea)
  • Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
  • Shanghai Disney Resort

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Which is the best Disney park in Orlando?

Best is a pretty subjective term.

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is the 2nd Disney park built. While Walt Disney was very much involved in the design of the park, he sadly passed away in December 1966 about 5 years before the grand opening of Walt Disney World in 1971.

Walt Disney World contains 4 main parks (plus 2 waterparks)

  • The Magic Kingdom
  • Epcot Center (technically the “center” was dropped in 1996)
  • Animal Kindom
  • Hollywood Studios

Many people love The Magic Kingdom because it’s the most “classic” of the Disney parks with it’s iconic Cinderella’s Castle (Disneyland in California has Sleeping Beauty’s castle). It’s also VERY similar to the original Disneyland in California.

Of course, Walt Disney World didn’t open with all 4 parks. 

Epcot came 2nd in 1982, Hollywood Studios, then called Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park opened in 1989, and Animal Kingdom opened in 1998.

Personally, I like Animal Kingdom the least and the other 3 are a tie, but with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening in 2019 inside Hollywood Studios, that may soon become the best Disney park in Orlando.

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Which Disney World park is the smallest?

At 320 acres, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort definitely comes in as the smallest of all Disney parks.

Here are all 6 Disney parks by (current) size:

  • Walt Disney World Resort (Orlando, FL) – 25,000 acres
  • Disneyland Resort (Anaheim, CA) – 500 acres (but growing an additional 14 acres when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens in 2019)
  • Disneyland Resort Paris – 4,800 acres
  • Tokyo Disney Resort – 494 acres
  • Hong Kong Disneyland Resort – 320 acres
  • Shanghai Disney Resort – 963 acres

Which park is bigger Disneyland or Magic Kingdom?

campbell family with Mater at Disneyland middle class dad

Disneyland refers to the original park in Anaheim, California.

Not counting California Adventure located next to Disneyland and collectively known as Disneyland Resort, Disneyland itself comes in at 85 acres.

The Magic Kingdom is a very similar park located as one of the 4 parks at Orlando’s Walt Disney World.

The Magic Kingdom is 107 acres. Thus The Magic Kingdom at WDW is a little larger than Disneyland.

Is Magic Kingdom bigger than Epcot?

As I mentioned above, The Magic Kingdom is 107 acres.

By comparison, Epcot (once known as Epcot Center) is 300 acres. Thus, Epcot is almost 3 times larger than The Magic Kingdom.

What is the biggest Disney Resort?

Coming in at a whopping 25,000 acres, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is, by far, the biggest of any Disney park.

In fact, it’s over 520% larger than the next largest park which is Disneyland Resort Paris at 4,800 acres.

How big is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is often referred to as Star Wars Land.

It will open in Anaheim’s Disneyland in summer 2019. It will then be followed by Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in fall 2019.

Both parks will be about 14 acres.

In Anaheim, Star Wars; Galaxy’s Edge will be located just north of Frontierland on the site previously occupied by Big Thunder Ranch. While a number of rides were temporarily closed for construction (Tom Sawyer Island, Mark Twain Riverboat, etc), all but Big Thunder Ranch have reopened.

In WDW, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is becoming a big part of Hollywood Studios.

Much of that park’s Streets of America areas were closed including the Honey I Shrunk the Kids attraction to make way for the new Star Wars adventures.

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How Big is Toy Story Land?

Toy Story Land is a park obviously based on the Toy Story movies.

Currently, Toy Story Land is part of the following Disney parks:

  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios (part of Walt Disney World in Orlando)
  • Walt Disney Studios Park (part of Disneyland Resort Paris)
  • Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Shanghai Disneyland

Thus, currently, Toy Story Land is NOT in Anaheim California’s Disneyland Resort.

But then Disneyland does have Cars Land located in California Adventure, which is unique to that park (and is awesome!)

Toy Story Land is about 11 acres in Florida’s WDW and is the largest of all the versions of Toy Story Land that currently exist.

Which Disney World park is the most popular?

Crowds are an important factor in deciding which Disney park to visit and when to go.

The most visited parks, in order from most to least visited, are:

  • The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida
  • Disneyland at Disneyland Resort in California
  • Tokyo Disneyland
  • Toyko DisneySea
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World
  • Epcot at Walt Disney World
  • Shanghai Disneyland
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World
  • Disneyland Park at Disneyland Paris
  • Disney California Adventure
  • Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris

The Magic Kindom gets that number one spot by having over 20 million visitors a year.

By comparison, Hollywood Studios typically gets half that many. But of course, that will change with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in 2019.

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Did I cover everything you wanted to know about which Disney park is biggest?

In this post, we started with a simple question: which Disney park is biggest?

But then we went a little further and examined the sizes of all the Disney parks and some of the differences within the different parks in Walt Disney World.

Which Disney park is your favorite?

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