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Why Does My Wife Not Wear Her Wedding Ring?

A wedding band is typically worn 24/7 on their left ring finger by most married couples. While some take theirs off for good reason, it’s usually a red flag. So sometimes guys wonder why does my wife not wear her wedding ring?

A wife taking off her wedding ring is telling the world that she is unmarried. It may be done simply to get more attention from men as an ego boost, but it could mean she’s actively considering divorce or looking for an affair. Either way it is a red flag.

But, of course, there are exceptions to every rule.

And I used to work with a good friend who never wore his wedding ring. And while he loved going out and flirting, he never cheated on his wife. It was just his personal preference and was solid in his committed relationship.

So in this article, we’ll examine all the possible reasons a wife might not wear her wedding ring. More importantly, we’ll talk about what that means for you and what to do about it.

Let’s get going.

What does it mean when your wife takes off her wedding ring?

When a wife removes her wedding ring it could mean she simply wants more attention from other men or is actively looking for an affair. But if she has gained weight, the ring may also be too small now and she may be embarrassed to mention it.

You may naturally be worried about your wife taking off her wedding ring suddenly.

And you’re not alone. There are so many implications that come along with removing a wedding ring. Cheating seems to be what most would fear most.

But surprisingly, there are very few studies on this topic.

And none that I could find made a connection between cheating and wedding rings. Common thinking on this is, “a cheater is going to cheat anyway; they’ll just take it off when they’re going to cheat.”

The truth of the matter is everyone knows what that ring should symbolize. It’s a signal of your commitment to onlookers. It’s a sign you’re not available. What good reason could there be to remove it?

Anecdotal evidence and confessional forums online mostly describe deceptive reasons like:

  • Hiding marital status
  • Flirting
  • Getting men to buy drinks
  • Unhappy in their marriage
  • Getting more tips
  • Looking for male attention

So the important thing is to not rush to judgment, not accuse her of anything without proof, and to simply communicate. There are a number of reasons to remove a wedding ring, such as:

Your wife might simply hate jewelry

If she wore no rings before your marriage, maybe the idea of having to keep one on every day seems uncomfortable. It could make her work more difficult in certain professions. Or maybe when you got married, you didn’t have a lot of money and it’s not a beautiful ring, she may just not like it.

But if this is the reason, then most likely she has never worn the ring and she shouldn’t be uncomfortable talking to you about it.

It also could be a family heirloom and is both delicate and treasured and she may have stopped wearing it to protect it. But if that’s the case, she should tell you and get a new diamond ring to replace it. Or she could at least wear it sometimes and on special occasions.

Weight gain could be another reason

It’s a sensitive topic, and maybe she’d rather not call attention to a now ill-fitting ring.

She might be ashamed or embarrassed and intentionally avoiding the subject. Not wearing her ring could be a natural extension of that.


And you’d likely know this final reason, but she might be allergic to metals.

Sometimes metal allergies show up later in life, so it may be a new thing. But again, she shouldn’t be reluctant to talk about it, if this is the case.

There are, however, products you can coat jewelry with to prevent allergy breakouts. So if this is the case, check out Jewelry Shield on Amazon. It’s dirt cheap, has good reviews, and is an Amazon’s Choice product too.

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If she is from another country it may not be part of her culture

A ring on the wedding ring finger has significance here in the United States.

But if your wife is not from western countries, it could be simply that what a wedding ring means is different in her culture and not common practice. After all, how married men and married women behave can be very different in different parts of the world.

Her culture might even see it as an outdated symbol of ownership.

It is dangerous in her work environment

Depending on where she works and the nature of her work, it may not make sense for her to wear her ring at work.

For example, I ran a martial arts school and most of the guys who worked there, myself included, would take our rings off while training. Granted I wore my ring to work and just took it off when I walked onto the mats.

But if she works with her hands, heavy equipment, or machinery, it might make total sense for her to not wear her wedding and diamond engagement rings.

Is it disrespectful to not wear your wedding ring?

For a married couple, it would be disrespectful to not wear a wedding ring regularly. A wedding ring is a significant piece of jewelry and a symbol of the wedding day and can easily lead to mistrust if a spouse often goes out without wearing it.

But, I think the decision to wear or not wear a wedding ring depends entirely on the couple. For some, objects can hold a lot of meaning, symbolism, and value. Think of an old guitar, a classic car, or a passport full of stamps. And the wedding ring can very much be a symbol of your wedding ceremony and overall marriage commitment.

We attach memories to these things. They become an extension of your past with that object.

So when a spouse suddenly stops wearing their wedding ring, it’s announcing that the meaning behind it isn’t important anymore. But, others still don’t have this affinity for shiny things, the sentimental value of objects, or remnants of the past.

Maybe a wife like this wouldn’t be inclined to wear her ring. She probably wouldn’t mind if you took yours off either.

The hard reality here is that not wearing a wedding absolutely will affect the way people see and treat you and your spouse. Another man might flirt with her a bit more casually. Someone might indicate interest when they might have moved on before.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with these things. This is other people’s behavior that can’t be controlled. But they need to be discussed if you’re going to talk about not wearing wedding rings.

Does taking off a wedding ring mean they are cheating?

No. Not wearing a wedding ring, or taking it off sometimes, in and of itself, is not a sign the spouse is cheating. It can be one sign amongst others. But by itself, the assumption of cheating is way too premature.

It’s a classic cliche in pop culture.

A man steps into a darkened nightclub. He chats up a young, attractive woman, has a few too many. He decides to slip off his wedding ring under the table or moves it to his right hand and make a terrible mistake.

Let me ease your mind and say again that no studies currently link not wearing wedding rings and cheating. So it’s not the first tangible sign of an affair.

But, anecdotal evidence all points to this as a typical behavior in a troubled relationship. A married woman not wearing her ring definitely can be a sign that something is off. And left unchecked, it could lead to an affair or divorce.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not too late to turn things around.

Luckily, I get into how to rekindle a marriage in a recent article. And it’s not just a dry list of tips. It’s actually what I did to save my marriage after my wife left me in 2013.

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Bur rather than assuming that not wearing her ring is a sign of cheating, the first thing is to watch for other changes or suspicious behavior:

  • Spending less time with you
  • Lack of romance 
  • Few or no displays of affection
  • Changes in sex life
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Wandering eyes
  • Sudden changes in schedule
  • Renewed interest in working out or appearance
  • Use of phone late at night or early in the morning
  • A new hobby or similar excuse to be out without you

It’s important to keep your cool and not automatically assume your spouse is cheating if her wedding ring is off.

The best thing is to communicate first and ask why she didn’t. There could be a completely understandable reason. But, if her answers are vague, overly defensive, or highly reactive, try to be aware of the list above.

How do I get my wife to wear her wedding ring?

You can’t make your wife wear her wedding ring if she doesn’t want to. But you can explain why it’s important to you, what the ring means to you and what you believe it says about your marriage for her to not wear it.

Assuming that it’s not foul play, your wife might not place as much importance on wearing her ring as you do, and it could be an innocent oversight.

While you can never force this issue, communication with your spouse is the best solution here. Try to listen to her hangups about the ring and make her understand your perspective, too.

Clearly and honestly communicate how not wearing her ring makes you feel.

Ask questions to understand why she does this. And be sure to listen to the answers and validate her thoughts. Let her know how she feels matters to you, too. After all, there could be a number of answers here.

Don’t accuse or imply that she would do any of these things. Explain that it’s human nature for these rogue thoughts to come up, independent of the person wearing the ring.

If, for whatever reason, she won’t always wear her ring, try to reach a compromise.

Are there some situations where you’d prefer she wore it? Maybe there are certain triggers (parties, family events, work functions) that make you uncomfortable. Share these and see if you can find a solution.

In the case of an outright refusal or saying yes and going back on her word, something more serious might be the underlying issue.

If you’re worried, please read my recent article. In it, I detail other signs your wife might be thinking of leaving for good.

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Am I being insecure in my relationship?

Whether you are being insecure in your relationship depends on your history and tendencies. Was insecurity, possessiveness, or jealousy a pattern in previous relationships? Do you suffer from low self-esteem or a lot of anxiety?

Ultimately, you know your spouse better than anyone. And more importantly, you know yourself better than anyone.

All of these might mean you’re prone to overreacting here. If honest and open communication with your spouse is not easing your concerns, it might be time for extra help. Continuously confronting a spouse about an issue that doesn’t exist absolutely can cause friction in a relationship.

So proceed with caution if you know this is one of your habits.

Before a potentially damaging confrontation, get an outside opinion. Talk to a close friend or, ideally, a therapist. While I’m pretty confident these days, I know I was a clingy guy in the early stages of my marriage. Luckily, I’m not now, and I detailed my journey in a recent article about How to be Less Clingy in a Relationship.

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With that being said, if your gut is telling you something is wrong, and all evidence genuinely points to something awful, trust those instincts.

Keep in mind that not all cases of infidelity end in a separation.

I’m living proof of that! Even if it is the worst-case imaginable, check out my recent article to see how to save your marriage after one of you has an affair.

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It’s not a good feeling to realize your wife isn’t wearing her wedding ring. Good reasons for married people not wearing them seem few and far between. So, make sure to take this realization as a great chance to reconnect with your wife.

At the end of the day, all good marriages take work. Check out my recent article to learn how to succeed despite how hard it may be. I cover why being hard doesn’t have to mean bad.

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Don’t jump to the worst conclusion, keep your cool, communicate honestly and fully. It doesn’t necessarily mean she’s cheating or looking for a new life. Do all of these, and she’ll surely remember why she put her ring on in the first place.

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