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Best Teepee Tents for Kids

If your considering buying a teepee tent for your kids, finding a good brand that produces durable Teepee tents is essential. After all, kids play rough and you want your teepee tent to withstand that.

Here is a list of the best tipi tent for kids:

1.  “GeoArt Patterned Fabric 4 pole Teepee tent”

This tent is 5 feet tall with sturdy quality fabric, making it acceptable for both indoor and outdoor use. It also includes a storage case and a carrying bag. The 4 strong wooden poles ensure the Teepee tent won’t break down or flip over during play and use, so you have peace of mind when your children are enjoying the tent.

Best of all, it features a removable ground mat that can be washed and attached back on with the ties provided. This Teepee tent features something special, lights to go around the tent’s poles to create a magical kids teepee tent!

This tent can be purchased currently for $59.99 (on sale, original price $139)

2. “Tee Pee Craft Kit” retailing for $89.99

This company calls their tent a craft kit because children can create their own tipi tent, from scratch.

The craft kit includes the tent and wood poles, but more interestingly for the children, decorations. These decorations include feathers, beads, tassels, garlands, banners, and more.

The Teepee can also be drawn on with markers, paint or iron-on designs, so it is really a blank canvas for your children to get creative with.

3. “Rosa Teepee To Call your Own”

It has pastel colors and geometric shapes it makes a chic decoration into a modern home.

For a little extra money, you can purchase a fluffy pillow that fits perfectly inside the Teepee. Contrary to other tents, the Rosa Teepee is designed for indoor use only. The Rosa Teepee can be purchased for $100 at

4. “Indigo Mini Teepee”

This one comes in a beautiful blue-indigo color with two small 9 inch windows on either side of the tent. It features a pure cotton canvas with an aluminum frame.

With open flaps, this Teepee is nice and inviting for indoor use. The Indigo mini Teepee can be purchased for $180 at various retailers and Amazon.

5. “The Hideaway Play Teepee with Glow in the dark stars”

The Hideaway is very popular among children, and is an impressive 6 feet tall, with 5 panels and a white canvas cover.

Included are 32 glow in the dark stars, moons, and planets. This is the largest Teepee tent, making it comfortable for adults as well.

In addition, the Teepee is water-repellent, so you don’t have to worry about water stains on the white cover. This easy to assemble glow in the dark Teepee retails for $138 and can be purchased at Buy Buy Baby.

But my favorite Teepee Tent for kids is from TazzToys at

This is a tent has a waterproof base, 4 pockets inside and also two windows with covers.

And as a bonus, you also get Fairy Lights and Feathers so you could decorate your teepee tent. And it also sells for a very good price!

The above mentioned were the best Teepee tent for kids, and depending on your style, space and budget, there are plenty of options to satisfy you and your little one.

Jeff Campbell