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Five Awesome Gifts That Will Make Up for Last Year’s Disastrous Anniversary

Remember last year when you entirely forgot about your anniversary until the very last moment, and you ended up getting a gift so random that your partner was not only disappointed by the poor choice but also well aware that you’d clearly only purchased the horrific present because you’d only remembered the special day at the very last minute?

You don’t want that to happen again, do you? 

The best way to make sure that the gift you do give on your anniversary is one that hits the spot is to make sure you plan ahead and don’t end up panic buying. If you think about it, there’s no reason why you should find yourself in a position of pressure, given that the special date is the same every year and doesn’t originate out of nowhere.

Set yourself a reminder, perhaps a month ahead of time, and then really think about what to get.

You can look for inspiration from the traditional lists of themes for anniversary gifts, such as the 1st anniversary being paper, the fifth being wood, the twelfth being lace, and so on. These can be a nice basis for you to build from, or you can start to pay more attention to any hints that are dropped as you get nearer to the special date.

Alternatively, you can think about what they would really like or indeed need this year. We don’t tend to think enough about the personality of the person we buy for, instead opting to go down the safe route and tried and tested gifts you’ve given before.

Often, it’s the presents that show a great deal of thought, care, and love that are more gladly received and enjoyed than those that just come with a hefty price tag.

To help you get it right this year, let’s take a look at some options and paths you can take. 

The Personalized Gift

The personalized touch is always a safe way to go, especially if you can combine the unique appeal of the custom-made aspect with an item of real quality. With that in mind, a stylish name necklace could be the ideal anniversary gift as it helps to celebrate your loved one in a very elegant fashion. 

The online jewelry market is far less expensive than visiting your local jeweler, and the extensive options for personalized items found online make the pursuit of a great anniversary gift so much more accessible for those on a budget.

The Surprise Trip

Experiential gifts are always a good idea. These are gifts that are not actual items but an event or activities that will live long in the memory. Planning a surprise trip away, for a weekend or longer, is a great way to mark your anniversary and is going to be the type of present that will go a long way.

This kind of anniversary gift will take a bit of work to put together. If you want to create the maximum effect, then you’ll need to pack their clothes and essentials and perhaps a passport if you are going overseas. Also, if you have children, you’ll need to make plans, and it’s a good idea to enlist friends to help make this really work smoothly.

The Hugely Expensive Gift (Because This Year You Need to Step Up)

Perhaps you didn’t get your wife or partner a gift last year, or you didn’t mark the occasion in a grand enough manner, so this year you need to go that extra mile.

We recommend you buy her a fashionable designer bag with real bling. It may be the gift that really wows her. Yes, the cost will be high, but the added bonus with designer label accessories is that they stand the test of time and will be used for years to come.

Here, think about the positive long-term aspect of such a gift. Every time she reaches for something from her chic Gucci tote, she’ll remember it was a gift from you, which will act as a long-term testament to your love and affection.

The Relevant Gift

How about a gift that is directly relevant to your anniversary? This can come in several forms, including the following.

A framed star map that illustrates the way the night sky looked when you first met your partner, wife, or husband. This is a truly romantic gift of the highest order, and there are many outlets that offer such items, and you can therefore find something that suits their style and personality.

You could put together a photo album that collates your time together; you can sneak in new photos that you can take at key locations that mean something to you both to give the overall collection a new perspective.

The Practical Present 

These types of gifts could be in relation to hobbies they have or as part of the plan of self-improvement. Think, for instance, for those who are lovers of fine wine, signing your partner up to a wine club that sends out monthly gifts. Or, for those who are getting into a specific pastime, you could subscribe them to a masterclass.

They are learning to cook like a Michelin-starred chef, honing and improving any creative writing skills or a watercolor painting kit. These gifts are more than just for show; they prove that you know them well and that you are looking to give them the assistance and tools they might need to thrive in an area that offers real enlightenment. 

Be Thoughtful

Above all else, the real key to buying meaningful anniversary gifts is to be thoughtful. Taking the time to consider the type of present that would really please and excite your partner, husband or wife is paramount to your ability to come up with a gift that ticks all the right boxes. Anything less is a wasted opportunity.

Jeff Campbell