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How To Affordably Move House

Moving house can be exciting, but financially it can be a pretty big burden. After all, as explains, even if you are selling up and buying a larger home which is amazing for your family, this will cost a huge chunk of, if not your entire savings.

With this huge shift comes great responsibility to ensure that your finances don’t take a larger hit than they absolutely need to.

Moving house will always cost a lot, but there are surefire ways to reduce your costs without jeopardizing your move altogether. Particularly if you have a whole family in tow, moving house can be a high-stress scenario, but with these helpful tips, your costs will be reduced and your whole family happier. 

Reducing Your Load Before Your Move

If you are moving house, this is a great opportunity to get rid of any unwanted or unused items from your home.

Do you have a dresser that has sat, unused, in the corner for the past ten years? A set of deckchairs that have never seen the light of day? Time to upcycle them to a new home where they will be used.

This isn’t just a cathartic experience, it will save you money too. Only moving the necessary items from your original home to your new home will alleviate transportation costs. Most moving companies charge by weight and dimensions, so the fewer large items that come with you, the better.

That doesn’t mean you should pawn your bed on Craigslist, but it does mean you should purge your unwanted stuff before you go. 

Can’t part ways yet? Some things might be unused in the old house, but will find their place in the new one. If you are unsure about getting rid of items, make sure to put it in secure, affordable storage until you decide what to do with it. 

Do A Lot Of The Work Yourself

Moving house is hard work, and can make you want to outsource all the heavy lifting and sorting to a removals company.

While some of the work will need to be done by professionals – it is not recommended to lift a piano by yourself – there is some merit in doing a lot of the moving stuff on your own back.

If you have any salaried holiday time to take from work, take it for your move. You will still be getting paid and can focus your energy on painting, dusting, lifting, moving, and generally making your new home beautiful with your family. 

Organization is Key

When you organise, you save. This is a simple fact of life.

Booking your removals well in advance and preparing any renovations beforehand will save you money, as opposed to last-minute scrambling for a removal company who will overcharge for immediate bookings. Organise your move properly, and the savings will follow. 

To conclude

moving house costs money. This is unavoidable. However, with these guidelines, you can save your extra pennies which might have been otherwise wasted during the stress of the move. 

Jeff Campbell