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Stumped by Math Homework? 8 Helpful Online Math Resources for Parents

It can be impossible to help your kids with their homework when you don’t understand it yourself.

Math class has changed considerably since you were in school. Most likely you won’t recognize the type of math your kids are learning nowadays.

You’re used to being a hero to your kid, but now you feel like you’re letting them down.

Don’t let frustrating math homework ruin an evening. You’re never too old to seek out help for yourself. There are many free online resources that can help teach you “new math” so you can adequately teach your kids too.

It may sound like a drag to have to teach yourself something. But these creative sites make learning new math really easy and, believe it or not, actually fun.

Yes, it’s been a while since you’ve studied math. But just like riding a bike, you just have to get back on and enjoy the ride!

You’re not as mathematically challenged as you think. Use these online math resources for parents to help with homework.

1. K-5 Math Teaching Resources

Getting your kid to do their math homework can be almost as difficult as getting them to eat their vegetables. Like hiding veggies in something they like to eat, hide the math problems in fun games. K-5 Math Teaching Resources is a great place to find engaging actives that help you and your kids enjoy learning together.

The site is separated into multiple categories covering all types of math. Some of the examples are geometry, number sense, data, and measurements.

This site is especially helpful for those tricky 2nd grade math word problems.

2. Doctor Genius

If the diagnosis is difficult math homework, there’s only one person with the cure. Doctor Genius is a website that’s dedicated to helping kids from kindergarten to sixth grade with their math homework.

This site is made mostly for kids, so parents might not get too much out of it. But it does let you set difficulty levels for your little pupil. This way you can actively test their retention and monitor their progress.

And by all means, challenge yourself too! The more practice you get with the math the better you can help your child. You may not be a math genius, but you can still be a supportive parent.

3. Learn Zillion

Sometimes the easiest way to understand something is to have someone actually explain it to you. If you don’t want to hire a tutor to come over, bring the next best thing into your home. Learn Zillion is a website that features videos with short, succinct math lessons.

You and your kid can watch these lesson together. The videos are super kid friendly but parents will also be engaged by their modern teaching approach.

Your kids can’t watch TV until after they finish homework. With Learn Zillion, you’ll make an exception.

4. XtraMath

When it comes to teaching your kids math, the last thing you want to be is a drill sergeant. That’s where XtraMath comes in and takes the burden off of you. This site has fun math drills that challenge your kids to complete timed math problems.

Because the drills are set up in a video game style, they won’t feel the pressure of the clock. Instead, they’ll want to complete the problem because they’re having fun.

Yes, video games can numb your kid’s brains. But XtraMath will actually make their minds stronger!

5. Ms. Munafo’s YouTube Channel

Ms. Munafo is another great video tutor option. In her patient, sincere lessons she seems to speak directly to your child. Ms. Munafo is a fourth-grade teacher so her lessons are best for your child if they are in that grade.

However, math lessons are all built on the lesson that came before it. If your older kid is having trouble, Ms. Munafo’s lesson can be a great refresher. Sometimes the best way to go forward is by taking a look in the past.

Since her videos are hosted for free on YouTube, Ms. Munafo will always there for you and your kid.

6. NCTM Illuminations

NCTM Illuminations is a great resource for kids of all ages. It even has introductory math for your Pre-K tot. This site offers help with homework by covering most of the lesson types your kid will face.

This is really a great resource for teachers and parents as well. Teachers can actually use the lessons to help guide their own classes. This way parents will have an inside track to the day’s teachings.

With NCTM Illuminations you will be able to know as much as your kid’s teacher.

7. Homeschool Math

If your kid has a heavy homework load it sometimes feels like you’re actually running a homeschool. Don’t get stressed out when back to school time is around the corner. Homeschool Math is another great free resource that covers pre-k all the way through high school.

The site specializes in graphics that clearly explain math problems. This is a perfect site if your kid is more of a visual learner.

8. Khan Academy

This is the ultimate at-home educational resource. The Khan Academy is an actual online non-profit academy that provides “a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.”

The beauty of this site is that it allows you to take a quick lesson and brush up the math subject your child is also learning. Since this site covers all grades you can use it from kindergarten all the way to SAT prep.

Online Math Resources Will Turn You Into a Math Hero

Your kid already thinks you can do everything, so don’t let them down. Using online math resources let you save the day for your child.

Even if it takes a while for you to pick up this new math, it will be a bonding experience to work together. For more great partnering tips check out this blog.

Jeff Campbell