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3 Must Haves for The Perfect Outdoor Living Space 

Gone are the days when the only decor you had to worry about was indoor decor, and the outside space was meant only for pretty plants and exotic flowers. People are becoming more aware of the therapeutic benefits of nature amidst the chaos of urban life, and this is leading more and more people to focus on their outdoor living space, where they do everything they can to make it comfortable enough for them to spend hours outside during the day and night time with their friends and families. 

After all, no amount of fancy lights can make up for what a lovely sunset can provide in terms of aesthetic while hosting a family dinner. In this article, we’ll give you 3 lovely must-haves that you can add to your outdoor living space and make it the perfect setting for the entire family to gather around by thanksgiving! Let’s get started.

1. A Rustic or Modern Dining Area

While having a couple of chairs in your back porch does count as outdoor furniture too, it doesn’t quite give the same effect as having a large table that can act as a dining table for the entire family while you eat outside on a warm summer afternoon. People generally go for rustic or modern styles depending on the kind of house they have, so you can make your pick based on the ambience of your home. 

If you can’t choose between rustic and modern, you can even get custom-made furniture which combines both of these aesthetics and create a unique piece of furniture that will be just perfect for your home! If this seems appealing to you, you’re in luck because there are numerous options when it comes to choosing between the best outdoor furniture brands and most of them also offer to customize the furniture for you!

2. Good Lighting

Having a great seating area outside in your lawn may seem great, until it starts getting dark and all you have are a couple of lightbulbs which are simply not doing the best in terms of functionality or looks. To make sure your outdoor area looks absolutely fairytale-like, you’ll also have to think about what the place will look like during night time. But don’t worry, just like there are numerous pieces of outdoor furniture that you can make your pick from, there’s an equal number of great outdoor lamps and lights that will help you change your backyard into a place that’s nothing short of amazing once the sun sets. 

Apart from adding fairy lights around the porch and eating area, you can also go for Japanese lamps that will not only make the place bright but will also ensure that the lighting isn’t too startling and gives you the right amount of warm lighting that’ll make for a great dinner party or even a romantic supper for two!

3. Extra Additions

You can also add unique pieces of outdoor furniture depending on the place and weather of where you reside. If you live in a fairly hot region, you can opt to have pieces like hammocks around the house, especially if you have a big garden with trees where you’ll have enough shade to take a nap in during the day. But if you live in an area that’s cold and wouldn’t permit you to hang around outside after sunset, you can invest in an outdoor fireside. This will give you the benefit of staying and dining outdoors even on cold winter evenings! At the end of the day, your focus is on making the place look aesthetic while also focusing on the functionality of the pieces you add into your decor.


Jeff Campbell