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Stepping Out of the Diamond-Shaped Box – Unique Rings for Your Special Someone

We’re all familiar with the beauty of a diamond ring, but diamonds alone can be boring for some. Whether your special someone prefers to accent their jewelry with more than just diamonds or refuses to wear them all together, there are still plenty of unique ring options you can explore.

What to Gift Instead of a Diamond Ring

Diamonds are forever, but they aren’t always a girl’s (or boy’s!) best friend. If you want to step outside of the traditional diamond-shaped box, consider the following creative ring styles.

An Amethyst Claddagh Ring

A Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring in which two hands, symbolizing friendship, clasp a heart wearing a crown, which stands for loyalty and love. If you give your spouse-to-be a wedding ring with an amethyst, it’s said that wealth and enlightenment are soon to follow. 

Two-Stone Ring With Two Cuts

Most rings will either use one cut or two cuts that look similar. Symmetry is a big deal in jewelry, but you don’t have to put your stones in a traditional setting if you don’t want to. Instead, place a square and pear-cut colored gemstone side by side, like Emily Patajkowski’s engagement ring.

Small Gems All The Way Around

A typical engagement ring will feature a large stone in the center that’s surrounded by a set of smaller accent stones. We recommend starting with a small gem and adding 2 or 3 halos of equally smaller gems, so your special someone can wear more precious stones on their finger.

Do Away With the Pavé

Rings have to be circular to fit on your finger, but who said an engagement ring has to be made up of a few stones around a band? If your spouse wants something really different, do away with the traditional pavé and set it with a spider, cross, or other objects that fit their personality.

And a moon ring is truly unique and different but still elegant.

Try a Different Colored Diamond

Diamonds aren’t all white, and a gemstone isn’t placed in a category based on its color. Just like you can find sapphires in any color, diamonds can present as yellow, pink, and even brown. If your special someone wants a stone just as matchable as a white diamond, get it in black.

Opt for an Imperfect Gemstone

Imperfect gemstones are all the rage in celebrity circles for their uniqueness and messaging. We’re all imperfect people, but our flaws give us character. The same could be said about impacted gemstones, which often contain cracks, multiple colors, and incredible depth. 

Curved and Tear-Drop Bands

Curved and tear-drop bands are typically used as engagement rings. The wedding ring will either sit in the middle of the curved band or on top of a tear-drop band. Typically, the engagement ring and wedding ring are brought together to ensure they fit as one piece.

A Super Thin Gemless Band

A thin gemless band is a unique twist on the traditional men’s wedding band and a minimalist take on the gem-encrusted women’s engagement ring. Whether your fiancé(e) doesn’t like flashy jewelry or works in a labor-intensive job, a thin band is perfect for busy people.

Rainbow Sapphire Ring

A rainbow sapphire ring typically includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet sapphires on a thin white band. Since the ring itself is pretty loud, some couples will mute it by adding a row of metal on the outer side of the band or smaller white sapphires.

“X” Engagement and Wedding Band

A lot of couples won’t buy both a wedding ring and an engagement ring, so they’ll buy one ring that acts as both. The X ring, which takes up a lot of real estate on your finger, looks delicate by itself. However, you can put a pavé gemstone in the middle if you want to add some bling.



Jeff Campbell