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How to Choose a Workout Bench for Your Home

By Roy Emerson, father, and editor of the HomeDweller Blog. 

For a bench press workout routine to build all-around strength at home, a workout bench is needed.

Complementing it with a rod and dumbbells, you can diversify the training process outside a gym and effectively pump muscles.

This machine is known for its mobility and compactness, relatively low cost and amazing versatility. A huge number of exercises for almost the entire body are performed using this multifunctional bench.

Types of workout benches

This type of sports equipment is a stable bench manufactured in several options:

  • Horizontal fixed
  • Incline fixed
  • Adjustable

Fixed benches limit the choice of activities for an athlete, as the constant angle of inclination does not allow to work on different muscles and shift the emphasis.

An Adjustable workout bench is much more convenient and versatile in this way, providing more opportunities.

In addition, the benches can be equipped with one or more adjustable parts, and additional elements such as retractable telescopic supports for the rod, support cushion or safety stops.

The more complex the construction, the more functional and comfortable the machine is for the bench press.

What kinds of presses can I do with my bench?

The main purpose of the bench is different types of presses. This machine is indispensable for a full-scale workout of back, chest and arms muscles but can also be used to work out abs, buttocks, and legs.

Bench Press

To perform this exercise, the bench must be equipped with a rack.

The bench press is one of the best basic exercises included in any upper body training program. It perfectly works through the chest muscles, triceps, serrated and humeral muscles, as well as the front of the deltoid muscles.

The choice of an adjustable bench for power training will give an athlete even more opportunities for a comprehensive study of the upper body.

Dumbbells Press and Fly

These exercises can be an alternative to pressure if the bench is not equipped with a barbell rack.

Dumbbells provide more options for hand movements, allowing you to adjust their amplitude on your own which is a good choice for beginners’ or girls’ power training.

Changing the angle of the bench allows you to shift accent to different parts of the muscles.

Bench Push-Ups

The easiest type of push-ups for beginners is bench push-ups.

During the exercise, the torso is tilted which significantly reduces the load and allows you to get your muscles ready for further growth. A much more complicated thing is push-ups with your feet on the bench which is suitable for advanced athletes.

Such push-ups will help you work out the triceps effectively.

Bench Ab Exercises

The versatile weight bench with adjustable parts is the perfect fitness machine for lower abs.

Back-turns with buttocks off on an inclined bench perfectly work the ab muscles with an accent on the bottom which is difficult to achieve with other exercises.

Soft leg holders on the bench allow you to perform classic twists and turns.

Nothing will help you get that Flat Belly After 40 quite like bench ab exercises.

Bulgarian split squats

These squats are a great exercise for buttocks, forming their beautiful round shape.

It can be performed with or without weights. During the performance, one leg stands on the floor, and the sock of the second one rests on the bench.

The power bench for home is ideal for those who want to combine compactness and accessibility with wide functionality. Complemented with sliding racks for the rod, it will allow you to work on your torso, build muscle mass, and create a beautiful body.

The size of the bench allows to place it in an average apartment, and the convenient and fast assembly mechanism will help keep the place free while it’s not used.

The power bench is suitable for both women and men. A good selection of exercises and alternating with cardio will get great results, strengthen muscles and is a great way for guys to lose their Dad Bod.

Essential workout bench features

Home workouts must meet the criteria for effectiveness and safety just like in a gym. When choosing a home bench press, the following nuances considered.


Heavy-duty thick metal, secure catchers and solid adjustment and folding mechanisms are the first things to look out for.

The design of the back pad lift must withstand heavy loads. The bench and racks must be stable, the parts must not be loose or dangle in any way, otherwise, each workout may be at risk of serious injury. An important point is the width of the racks.

If set in a narrow position, there is a risk that the load may not be properly distributed and the rod may fall.


When choosing a bench for home use, pay attention to the transformation and folding mechanisms.

They should be simple and reliable, capable of withstanding repeated use. Not every living area can accommodate even such a small fitness unit, so a folding bench press and sliding rod racks are the best option for a small place.

However, you need to understand that an inseparable machine is usually more stable and sturdy, as it has no moving parts.


A regular horizontal bench has little functionality. In order for the athlete to have access to more exercises, it can be equipped with additional devices:

  • Adjustable – the adjustable parts of the bench allow you to do exercises with normal or reverse tilt, which contributes to a comprehensive torso muscles workout
  • Leg holdersa bench with leg holders allow you to pump thigh biceps, calf muscles, and buttocks, as well as perform classic ab twists and turns
  • Safety support pad – is a convenient device designed for the insurer’s partner. It allows him to securely restrain and help the athlete to work with great weight
  • Bars – the power bench equipped with bars will allow you to perform even more exercises and develop strength and endurance to the maximum
  • Special handrails – are convenient when performing exercises on lower abs. The athlete, holding the hands on it, can securely fix the torso and perform backward twisting
  • Rod racks with supports – are necessary when working with large weights without the support of a partner. The safety stops do not interfere with the pressure and will prevent the lifter from dropping the rod on the chest if he/she can’t hold it.


A separate power bench will allow you to work with dumbbells, and a separate rack for the rod will allow you to perform sittings and deadlift.

It is also important to choose the correct length of the bench – the head should not hang when doing the exercises. Tall athletes usually set the angle of inclination at 45 degrees with the back of the head resting on the back pad.


The sporting goods market offers many variations of the same machines.

The complexity of design does not always mean wide versatility. Often, most “unique” functions are very expensive and never really useful. Additional options for the machine should be clear and useful for you.

Before buying, think about what kind of functionality you need so that you don’t have to pay too much for what you won’t use.


The bench press is one of the most important sports equipment.

Without it, it is impossible to build a competent training process. Choosing this particular machine should be the starting point for organizing your home sports corner.

Having added dumbbells and the rod to it, the athlete will be able to fully train many muscle groups.

About the author of this post:

Roy Emerson is a technology enthusiast, a loving father of twins, a programmer in a custom software company.

Editor in chief of TheHomeDweller blog greedy reader and gardener.



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